ERGA is committed to delivering clean cobalt and copper to our global customers. Our procurement procedures are aligned with this mission.

Minimum Requirements

As a new and existing ERG Supplier, its is essential that all Goods and Services supplies to ERG Africa are supplied in accordance with our Standard Terms and Conditions unless a separate overriding written contract has been entered into with ERG Africa specific operation, and in accordance with the applicable ERG Africa Policies and Procedures.

The Supplier Declaration and Acknowledgement Process is digitally enabled by ERG Africa and this process will help us to improve our operational efficiency and foster mutually beneficial relationships with all our vendors.   

Supplier Code of Conduct

Procurement Standard Terms and Conditions

Democratic Republic of Congo Applicable to all DRC entities

Mali Applicable to all Mali entities

Mauritius Applicable to all Mauritius entities

Mozambique Applicable to all Mozambique entities

South Africa - EMSA Applicable to only ERG Management South Africa entity

South Africa - Sabot Applicable to only Sabot South Africa entity

South Africa - Other Applicable to all Other South African entities

Zambia - Chambishi Applicable to only Chambishi Metals entity

Zambia - Sabot Applicable to only Sabot Zambia entity

Zambia - Other Applicable to all Other Zambian entities

Zimbabwe – CCIH (Sabot) Applicable to only Cargo Carriers International Hauliers (CCIH) entity

Zimbabwe – Todal Applicable to only Todal Mining entity

Zimbabwe – Other Applicable to all other Zimbabwean entities

ERG Africa IT Applications Terms an Conditions