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COMIDE Situated in the Lualaba province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, COMIDE is a significant top tier, long-life copper and cobalt development

COMIDE comprises some of the largest known copper and cobalt resources still to be developed globally. Following a comprehensive technical study, the development potential of its resource base and production capacity were established, paving the way for its development.

The COMIDE project includes the construction of a hydrometallurgical plant, an extensive exploration and drilling programme, as well as mine development – backed by a total investment of around USD$800 million.



During the development and construction phase of the project, COMIDE will provide approximately 2,000 direct and indirect jobs for DRC nationals, predominantly hired from its surrounding communities, ensuring that its community members will be the primary beneficiaries of COMIDE’s activities, while contributing to the broader economic upliftment of the country.

The hydrometallurgical plant, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2025, will be constructed in three phases. During the first and second phases, the plant will produce an estimated 40,000 tonnes of copper cathode and 7,000 tonnes of cobalt hydroxide annually. The third phase is projected to yield up to 80,000 tonnes of copper cathode and 14,000 tonnes of cobalt hydroxide per annum, with the potential for further expansion to reach a production capacity of 120,000 tonnes of copper cathode a year.