Supplier Registration

ERG Africa is committed to conducting its activities in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and the highest ethical standards of business conduct.

ERG Africa’s supplier declaration and acknowledgment process will enable its existing suppliers to review and acknowledge its policies, acknowledge and sign its General Terms and Conditions, and submit all applicable supporting documents.

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Select the sites or regions your company is providing services to

Applicable to Metalkol SA

Applicable to all other DRC entities

Applicable to all Mali entities

Applicable to all Mauritius entities

Applicable to all Mozambique entities

Applicable to only ERG Management South Africa (EMSA) entity

Applicable to only Sabot South Africa entity

Applicable to all other South Africa entities

Applicable to only Chambishi Metals entity

Applicable to only Sabot Zambia entity

Applicable to all other Zambian entities

Applicable to only Cargo Carriers International Hauliers (CCIH) entity

Applicable to only Todal Mining entity

Applicable to all other Zimbabwe entities

For any technical queries please contact the service desk on Se*********@er*******.com