We are guided by three principles in all that we do: innovative metals and mining company; long-term financial stability; embedded sustainability.

Our Operating Principles

In 2014, Eurasian Resources Group launched an ambitious transformation programme to increase management efficiency and the profitability of the business. Worldwide we reinforced our management teams, brought our business process management closer to value creation centers and launched an operational transformation and cost reduction programme across all group assets.

In these four years, we have successfully stabilised our business by bolstering the integrity of our assets, entering into new strategic partnerships and implementing enhanced management practices. This, along with more favourable market conditions, has helped us achieve a 42.4% increase in underlying EBITDA in 2017.

How we create value

We seek to use all funds efficiently, whether obtained through financing or generated from operations or investments.

We rely on the skills, wellbeing and motivation of employees, contractors and service providers to generate value.

We seek to build and sustain constructive relationships with all our stakeholders that are based on mutual respect, transparency and trust.

Natural Resources
It is critical that our businesses responsibly manage all the natural resources used in our processes, given their finite nature.

Capital Assets
Significant financial investmnet in the purchase, development and maintenance of property, plant and equipment has provided us with the capacity to generate longer-term returns.