Mobilising a Global Battery Alliance was recognised as one of the World Economic Forum’s top ten achievements at the annual meeting in 2017.

Photo with courtesy from Good Shepherd International Foundation/Nyokabi Kahura

Launching the Global Battery Alliance

ERG is a founding member of the Global Battery Alliance, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, of which ERG is a Strategic Partner Associate. The Global Battery Alliance is a public-private collaboration between stakeholders from across the supply chain commited to a responsible low carbon economy including ERG, BASF, Enel, Volkswagen, Trafigura Group, Umicore and other major businesses; international organisations and NGOs such as UNICEF, OECD, the African Development Bank, and Pact; other key partners and contributors such as CCCMC (China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters).

Partnering with Good Shepherd Sisters

ERG has entered into a three-year partnership to help fund the work of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the DRC. Good Shepherd Sisters is implementing a community development programme in Kolwezi to help break the cycle of violence and abuse against children, women and girls in the artisanal mining communities and to improve their living conditions. Good Shepherd Sisters is particularly focused on supporting children who work in the mines and are involved in the worst forms of child labour. The funded projects include: Alternative Livelihoods; Child Protection; Economic Empowerment; Citizenship Strengthening; and Capacity Building.

Human Rights Training for Security Teams

A new training programme, based on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, has been developed and implemented to help security teams interact with local communities. This has been achieved in partnership with the international development organisation Pact.