Artisanal Management Plan

Chain of custody

Buyers – including electronics producers, automotive manufacturers and industrial users – should know where their cobalt comes from and be assured that it has been produced responsibly. Our Chain of Custody programme at our Metalkol RTR development will be aligned to the OECD’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Guidance and we will incorporate the principles of the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in our management practices. We will publicly report on our status and progress against both, which will include third party validation. 

In order to produce cobalt responsibly in the DRC, we employ several management approaches ranging from recruitment of an ASM mining specialist with a specific remit to develop a more systematic management approach to enhanced analysis of the drivers behind ASM in and around our concession areas. We have also introduced strategies to work with ASM communities at our Boss Mining exploration sites in a safe manner and to conduct meaningful public consultations with communities in Milebi, Mindingi and Menda where we explain planned work methods, time schedules, behavioural rules for personnel and contractors, and grievance procedures.

Our planning for the future in terms of ASM management in the DRC includes incorporating an ASM incident reporting system into our Safety, Health and Sustainability management system to ensure that incidents are followed-up appropriately. It will also help to systematically identify potential flaws in current approaches and allows for review and adaptation. A new ASM Management Plan and a dedicated policy are being developed along with engagement procedures and related management systems.