Occupational and Public Health

Dedicated to our employees’ health

Our clinics and medical facility offer access to health services related to family planning, government vaccination programmes, HIV/AIDS awareness, tuberculosis programmes, malaria prevention, antenatal care and malnutrition education.

The Chambishi Metals Clinic in Zambia is dedicated to our employees, their spouses and children. The clinic is an important part of our company’s responsibility to ensure that employees are healthy, happy, engaged and fulfilled in work and in life. This makes our working environment safer, more productive and provides a stronger force for good in the communities where we operate.

Every year, on World Aids Day (1 December) we reaffirm our shared commitment to taking a lead in the fight against this pandemic. We aspire to help our employees and their communities to achieve zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero Aids-related deaths. Our activities on this day include personal consultations with doctors, examinations and treatment, as well as dental and eye screening across our assets.

Stepping up for public health

Frontier Mine has invested in a medical clinic for residents from the Kimfumpa village in the DRC. Apart from medical supplies and equipment, medical staff is provided for by the Sakania Health Zone.