Engagement of Stakeholders related to Sustainable Mining

Collaborative solutions to cobalt supply chain issues

Our vision is to develop an inclusive, innovative and sustainable battery value chain to power the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

On 19 September 2017 at the inaugural World Economic Forum (WEF) Sustainable Development Impact Summit in New York City, Eurasian Resources Group together with other international businesses, founded the Global Battery Alliance. The Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that there is an ethical and sustainable global supply chain for the lithium-ion batteries that help power the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a low carbon economy, through electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies and smartphones. It is a public-private collaboration comprising stakeholders from across the supply chain including ERG, BASF, Enel, Volkswagen and other major businesses; international organisations such as UNICEF, OECD and African Development Bank; and NGOs including PACT.

The Global Battery Alliance was recognised as one of the top ten achievements of the WEF at its annual meeting in Davos in 2017.