DRC Mining Week attracts key role players

Publication: Mining Review Africa
Date: 6 May 2019
Author: Laura Cornish

With more than 180 companies exhibiting at DRC Mining Week, the event will once again provide an open dialogue between government, mining operators and technologies services providers to strengthen productivity in the region.

Mining Review Africa asked a few exhibitors about their participation in the event.

Over its 15-year history, DRC Mining Week has earned a reputation for being a key platform to discuss issues, forge business partnerships and explore opportunities in the DRC. For Platinum Sponsor Cataca Mining Company, DRC Mining Week is important because it demonstrates the potential that Central Africa has in terms of mineral resources.

Francisco Bayila, head of the company’s communication and institutional image says that its plan for the 2019 event is to expand its networking, find technological solutions for our mining projects in Angola and find relevant suppliers who can provide the company with these services or even equipment.

“This event is important because it demonstrates the potential that Central Africa has in terms of mineral resources”, he adds. We expect each company to use this event to attract investors and find service providers. “As a company that has been exploring diamonds for more than 20 years and has the fourth largest mine in the world explored in the open, our message is that the 2019 event is a success for large and small companies.”

Meanwhile, international company Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) views the event as the perfect opportunity to contribute important national and international dialogue, and continuing to advance the DRC mining sector as a whole.

Adds Patrick Mulumba, president and director-general at ERG Africa’s Metalkol RTR project:

“DRC Mining Week also offers an opportunity to connect with other mining businesses, to exchange ideas and to form or deepen commercial relationships and joint voluntary initiatives and partnerships.”

Mulumba states that ERG’s message at the event and it overall main commitment is built around the principle of responsible production – which it embeds across its business in the DRC, and internationally.

“Materials which are found in abundance in the DRC, including cobalt, are helping to power the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to drive positive global change from an environmental point of view.

“It is important that strong global demand for such materials is met with sustainable practices, and that the benefits of economic activity are experienced not only across the supply chain, but also in local communities and across DRC society as a whole.

“It is only through partnering with governments, NGOs and businesses from across the supply chain that meaningful progress can be achieved.”

This year will also see five international pavilions exhibit at DRC Mining Week. This includes the French Pavilion. Sophie Olivier, convenor of the French Pavilion states the country’s economic community already has a presence in Lubumbashi via the CCIFC and the CFA and that the original plan was to promote them at the event.

“Then, with the help of the French Embassy, and the CCEF and CCIFC Board of Directors, we decided to combine them in one place: the French Pavilion, to give more visibility to the French commercial offer,” explains Olivier.

Companies that form part of the French Pavilion include Brasimba, CIS and SOS International.

“Our message at this year’s event is that companies should seriously consider the partnering with French companies.

“In addition, we hope that DRC Mining Week will be a great success and we thank the organisers for their flexibility and kindness”, concludes Olivier.

We invite all conference delegates to meet us at our stand in the Conference Hall.