ERG at WEF, Davos

Media: CNBC Africa

Topic: Opportunities, challenges of doing business in Africa – Eurasian Resources Group CEO

Date: 22 January 2019

At the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos, Benedikt Sobotka (ERG’s CEO) spoke to CNBC Africa about how ERG plays an integral part in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, particularly through its operations and the commodities that the business delivers to fuel globalisation 4.0.

The video piece touched upon ERG’s commitment to the countries and local communities where it operates, particularly the DRC, where the company has funded schools for over 10,000 children. Mr Sobotka noted the need for stable regulatory environment to plan and make investments. He also outlined ERG’s leadership role in the transition to a low carbon economy as a key supplier of materials used in batteries and discussed the mobile phone value chain.

The interview concluded with a discussion on the possible impacts of the US-China trade war, where Mr Sobotka remained positive on the outlook for 2019 and mentioned that it should be avoided to confuse total growth which is billions and billions of added value in China with just growth rate.