Jean-Claude Lubembe is Metalkol’s new Head of Operations

ERG Africa continues to consolidate its senior management team with local expertise. With the appointment of Jean-Claude Lubembe as Metalkol’s Head of Operations in April, the Group has taken another step towards implementing its vision of promoting local expertise and ensuring the sustainability of its assets in the DRC for Congolese people.

Jean-Claude Lubembe is a Metallurgical Engineer from the University of Lubumbashi with 20 years of experience including the mineral processing and hydrometallurgy of copper and cobalt. After completing several management and leadership training courses, he is currently completing an online MBA in operations and project management.

He joined Metalkol in 2018 as Process Superintendent. In this position, he was responsible for overseeing and managing the process plant to ensure efficiency, productivity and quality. In this capacity, he also managed the identification of process improvement opportunities and the implementation of strategies to optimise operational processes.

His new role places emphasis on creativity and innovation – two qualities he appreciates in his work. He adds, “I see this as an opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth through operational strategies. I aspire to occupy more senior management positions and contribute to the development of the organisation’s talent. I look forward to leading cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative work culture and mentoring up-and-coming executives.”