Samukonga village resettlement

The Metalkol RTR development in the DRC includes the construction of a new Residual Storage Facility. Samukonga village, a small community living on the perimeter of the project, was identified as a primarily impacted area. The community, therefore, needed to be relocated before construction started.

Metalkol RTR constructed a new village to host the displaced community, including 16 modern, fully furnished houses, a community hall, a water reticulation system and a solar power system.

To ensure that the Samukonga community settled with ease in their new environment, the following programmes were implemented:

• A WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) training program conducted by a local NGO

• A community nursery set up for Metalkol RTR’s re-vegetation project, aiming to produce trees

• A poultry project set up for each household

• Training for each household on microfinance

• A vegetable garden with fruit trees for each household

All credit and thanks to Metalkol RTR for taking strong leadership in these community consultations and developments.