Summer School in the DRC

For some Congolese students, summer school break rarely means getting a rest. In fact, many end up spending their holidays in artisanal small-scale mining.

As part of ERG Africa’s commitment to keeping children out of mining, our Safety, Health & Sustainability department launched a summer school to make youths aware of alternate career options and life skills. For two weeks, approximately 200 students from the Kakanda and Kisankala communities attended the summer school, supported by Boss Mining and Comide.

From classes covering gender issues, journalism, storytelling, tablet video production and interview techniques, the new experience meant that many learned to use modern technology for the first time. Artworks and drawing were also popular, and a theatre presentation about the dangers of child labour in artisanal mining was a crowd favourite.

The students learned about agriculture – an industry with huge potential. They received first hand experience in ploughing the land, planting and watering their school garden and learned how to work towards sustainable food security.

A tour to see what happens at an industrial mine and the importance of health and safety also opened their eyes to something new.

Download below our  short video of the activities.