DRC Mining Week

The much-anticipated DRC Mining Week took place from 13 to 15 June 2018.

Luck Mumba (Head of Community and Responsible Mining Development at Metalkol RTR) represented the company by chairing one of the sessions tackling the topic of artisanal and illegal mining. Luck was recognised by the organisers as one of the best chairpersons at the conference.

The panellists in Luck’s session explored how mining companies could work together to implement security measures around mines in order to better manage violence resulting from illegal diggers. They touched on solutions such as livelihood restoration projects, alternative livelihood initiatives and community investment programmes. The panellists included: Mark Bristow (CEO of Randgold); André Kapanga (Director General of Tenke Fungurume); Déo Ngele Masudi (General Secretary of Gecamines) and Gustave Nzeng Rubuz (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kamoto Copper Company).