Employee-Training Centre at Metalkol RTR

Metalkol RTR’s training agenda is framed by the transition of the project from construction to commissioning. In this context, the Human Resources team undertook an extensive recruitment campaign in 2018, which included the integration of individuals from local villages and Kolwezi city for lower-skilled roles, and the recruitment of Congolese nationals and expatriates into higher-skilled roles.

To support these efforts, the team conducted technical skills assessments of our new and existing employees and is currently rolling out targeted training programmes to fill identified skills gaps. Apart from the technical training, Metalkol RTR is also offering personal development courses in supervision, communication, personal finance and mentoring skills.

The employee-training centre at Metalkol RTR is working towards DRC government recognition as a training provider of accredited training modules for our employees. This will support ERG Africa’s ongoing efforts to align our training programmes with international best practice.