That’s dedication

Chambishi Metals Clinic is dedicated to Chambishi’s employees, their spouses and children. The clinic is an important part of our company’s responsibility to ensure that employees are healthy, happy, engaged and fulfilled in work and in life. This makes our working environment safer, more productive and provides a stronger force for good in the communities where we operate.

Prudence Musonda Chanda has worked as a well-qualified nurse at Chambishi Metals Clinic for over 12 years and has seen many changes over that time. For instance, the number of nurses has increased, and the continued investment by Chambishi Metals in the clinic, including new machinery when needed, has been a great help in the effort to achieve overall company wellness.

Not only does Prudence deal with health issues, she’s found herself in a counselling role as well. She gets to know the patients over time, and when they come back with positive feedback she finds it really fulfilling. We consider it a privileged to have a nurse of the quality of Prudence as one of our healthcare professionals.